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Club Benefits

  • Support from experienced home educators
  • Network with other home educating families
  • Stay informed on educational news, opportunities and promotions
  • Priority access to events
  • Local home education activities
  • Home Educators message board
  • Homeschooling resources
Club overview

Our home education club is designed to provide homeschooling families with the support and resources they need to be successful in their homeschooling journey. With access to educational activities, resources, educational opportunities and a supportive community, you can feel confident in navigating your home educational journey in a way that suits you.

Some of the features and benefits of our home education club include:

  1. Socialization: Opportunities for home-schooled children to interact and make friends with their peers.
  2. Support: Emotional and practical support for families who are on the homeschooling journey.
  3. Educational activities: Field trips, co-op classes, workshops, and other educational opportunities to supplement a child’s home school education.
  4. Resources: Access to books, materials, equipment, and other resources to help families with their homeschooling needs.
  5. Networking: Opportunities to network with other homeschooling families and learn about their experiences and challenges.
  6. Mentorship: Older home schooled students can act as mentors and role models for younger students, fostering a sense of community, belonging and leadership.
  7. Volunteer and community service opportunities: Opportunities for families to give back to their communities through volunteer and community service projects.
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Home Education Club
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Every answer starts with a question.

What is a home education club

A home education club is a group of families who have chosen to or are considering homeschooling their children and come together for socialization, support, and educational activities.

What are the benefits of joining a home education club

Joining a home education club can provide opportunities for socialization, support, educational activities, and resources for homeschooling families.

What kind of activities do home education clubs offer

Activities offered by home education clubs may include field trips, co-op classes, community service projects, sports teams, and educational workshops.