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  • Weekly access to live instructor lead classes (Virtual Classroom)
Classroom overview

Virtual Classrooms = Course resources + Weekly instructor lead sessions + Weekly Out of classroom activities.

Our virtual classrooms have been a thriving environment and educational support to students studying English at all levels. We’ve combined the benefits that come with using high quality learning materials, and an experienced team of tutors to walk students through all aspects of their learning.

A love for education, supported by a deep working knowledge of the themes and concepts relevant to English language/Literature, come as standard with all our English tutors. We hold a true pride in being able to support families and students on their educational journeys, so you can rest assured that your child is being taught the correct information under the guidance of tutors that actually care.

Over the academic year students will explore various texts from the Romantic Era to Modern Literature. We have seen first hand that studying a wide variety of texts will help to extend a child’s vocabulary, and provides a good foundation for them to go on to become producers of their own creative writing.

Experience has really equipped us with a multi layered approach and appreciation of different learning styles, techniques and some of the common mistakes made by students. We’ve used this intel to allocate extra attention the topics that students often struggle with, such as poetry, and make it fun, digestible and memorable, this way they are able to truly comprehend, retain and call upon the skills learnt with us and apply them with ease.

students will be provided with weekly assignments, quizzes and downloadable resources, to help solidify the knowledge gained in class.

Our overall goal is to ensure your child feels supported and confident in their education in preparation for exams and the next steps of their learning.

Course breakdown
Course breakdown
English Virtual Classroom
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Other Services

Every answer starts with a question.

What is a virtual classroom

Each virtual classroom will have a maximum of 10 students unless stated otherwise.

How many students will there be per classroom

Each virtual classroom will have a maximum of 10 students unless stated otherwise.

How will i know when my classes will be held

All students have access to a calendar which displays all their appointments. This can be found on the student dashboard

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How long does a virtual classroom session last

Will there be homework

Homework is set for all students on membership packages (Silver – Platinum). Homework is submitted and marked weekly with detailed feedback.

Are virtual classrooms live or pre-recorded

All our virtual classrooms are led by one of our experienced instructors live, allowing for

What happens if my child struggles to keep up with the class

Our instructors are trained Our instructors are passionate about teaching. They are highly qualified and experienced in their subject areas. Sometimes students find subjects may be too challenging too soon whilst other times a student may feel they are not being challenged enough. We have several indicators an between the regular parent and teacher reviews along with periodic mock exams will place your child in the best position All Classroom Directory instructors have been equipped with effective teaching methods strategies and tools to help students understand and retain information. Class sizes have been intentionally configured to encourage peer learning whilst allowing space for personalized support to help students reach their goals. They are reliable and committed to providing regular, consistent support. They use a variety of resources and materials to enhance the learning experience. They are able to provide additional support and resources outside of tutoring sessions. They are continuously learning, keeping themselves updated with the latest methodologies and information to help students succeed. Our tutors are able to work with students of all ages, abilities, and learning styles.

  • Encourage regular attendance and participation in class.
  • Help them stay organized by providing them with a planner or calendar to keep track of assignments and due dates.
  • Provide extra assistance outside of class if needed, such as tutoring or homework help.
  • Encourage them to take breaks and engage in physical activity to maintain focus and attention.
  • Communicate with their teachers to stay informed about their progress and any areas where they may be struggling.
  • Encourage reading and writing practice.
  • Help them develop good study habits and a consistent study schedule.
  • Help them set clear and realistic goals for their academic performance.
  • Encourage them to take charge of their learning and stay engaged.
  • be supportive and understanding when they experience difficulties.
  • Tea
  • Tea

Can i pay for extra testing separately

Can my child start/stop at anytime